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Introduction to Python 3

What the hell...python ? Isn't it supposed to be a reptile! Well, it also happens to be a really great programming language.

If you are just starting your programming journey, Python is the right place to start, it offers nice and clean syntax, vast library, online available content, huge community, etc.

Today's software industry has a huge collection of programming languages like C, C++, Java, Javascript, Go, Rust, etc. Each of the language has its own pros and cons, there is no 'One Size Fits All' concept and one has to really consider the project requirements in order to select a language.

So, that brings us to the next question, WHY Choose PYTHON ?

Why Python? 🐍

Simple answer is, because its Amazing! Surely python also has its share of pros and cons, but offers a lot more in return, such as follows -

  1. Are you a beginner ? Python is the perfect place to start, it will help you to understand a lot of the basic programming concepts and then you can move on to other languages if required.

  2. Python really helps you to be productive, you can achieve a lot more in few lines of code. In addition to it, Python is very robust, performant and provides high scalability.

  3. Python offers a simple and clean syntax, no semicolons!

  4. Python has a vast library support, you can find a library for almost any functionality you can think off!

  5. Web development no problem! Python has robust web frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.

  6. Creating command line applications, again no problem!

  7. Python is great fit for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, etc.

  8. Need to work with files such as csv, xls, pdf, zip, etc, ...aah just a piece of cake.

  9. Python is great for rapid development, you can easily bootstrap a project with the vast eco-system that python provides.

Sounds exciting! Let's dive more into it.

What is Python?

As you already know that python is a programming language, for now just remmember its an interpreted language, i.e the python interpreter acts like an interface between you and the machine.

You write in English and python converts it into a language that the machine can understand, simple isn't it?

Who's using Python?

Almost everyone uses python, from big companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft, etc to research institutes like CERN, NASA, etc, everyone uses python!

What will I learn here?

Octallium aims to teach Python 3 right from basics to advanced. Ofcouse, its not possible to cover everything that python has to offer, but it will surely teach you enough to get started on your own.

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