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Why Go ?

Its really an interesting question, why should you learn and use Go ?

This question becomes even more important, specially because of so many existing powerful languages such as C/C++, Python, Java, Javascript, etc.

Go delivers some really exciting features such as:

  • Easy and clear syntax.

  • Small language with big standard library.

  • Compiled language and fast compilation.

  • Can be easily used cross platform.

  • Its incredibly fast.

  • Excellent concurrency.

  • Good community support.

While other languages also provide some of the above mentioned benefits, but Go really excels at them all together.

You also need to remmember that Go is not the silver-bullet for all your applications, you need to consider all the project requirements before deciding on a language, if Go meets all your project requirements, then it can really deliver.

I will not be detailing, why Go was created, creators, its history, etc, all of it is easily available online, what I am really interested is diving into the actual code.

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