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Today's world is filled with diversity, we all come from different backgrounds and yet some traits remain common amongst all of us. All of us have to learn so many thing since our birth, programming is one such thing and it just happens to be logical extension of your curiosity.

If you are on such a journey, you have perhaps come to the right place! Sounds interesting ? Carry on...


Programming languages were made by people for people, but some of the creators got a little creative on the way and came up with strange symbols and syntax, couldn't programming be done in plain English or Marathi or Japanese or in your mother tongue? Perhaps not!

It takes a lot more to bring all the diversity and complexity of the real world and pack it in a programming language, however I do agree some programming languages feel weird, sometimes I even thought learning Martian would have been better!

But why would anyone choose to learn such cryptic sounding stuff?

Answer - To make or break things!


Octallium presents easy to understand videos, tutorials and articles to navigate through these cryptic things in the most simplest way possible. Majority of the content starts for beginners and then progressively builds up till you can work on real life scenarios.

Every programming language is awesome only till the time it works for you and it's the worst when it doesn't, but it's really up to you which language you prefer, there is no ONE best language.

I love to call programming languages as "demons", they offer great power, but you need to learn to handle them well.


How to I choose my choice of language? Carry on...

Which demon to tame?

So which language you should learn? No one can answer that correctly, you need to experiment with different languages and choose your demon 🐲. However, depending on the scenario you would have to learn a certain language, e.g - for creating websites, you absolutely need to know HTML, CSS and some Javascript.

Its normal for anyone to learn more than half dozen languages in the course of their career. More you expose yourself to different languages, better would be your understanding.

At Octallium most of the content would be related to Python, Elixir and Phoenix Framework.

Let the force be with you!

Code Sample

All code will be in the form of following block

# Elixir
defmodule Hello do

  def say do

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