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Modern Go 101

Welcome to Modern Go 101!

Modern Go 101


Modern Go 101 is all about teaching the Go Programming Language. This tutorial series comes in two flavours, the free version is published on our Youtube channel and the paid version comes with additional content and solved exercises.

The content is first published on the paid version and subsequently videos would be released on Youtube channel on weekly basis.

This course is intended for people who have some basic programming knowledge and is aimed at intermediate programmers.

Go is in a really sweet spot in the programming world, it is statically typed compiled language and is very fast. In addition to this the concurrency model is what makes it more interesting and perhaps easy to use.

In a real world, concurrency is hard! Mutability makes it hard, but Go takes a different approach and shares memory by communicating. Many other programming languages suffer because concurrency was an after thought and provide somewhat awkward concurrency models or are mostly single threaded. But concurrency was built into Go and it provides primitives such as goroutines and channels for handling concurrency.

In the battle for concurrency and multi-threaded applications, Go certainly ranks very high, but certainly it isn't the only one. Other programming languages such as Elixir provide far better concurrency model with its Actor Model and are a pure pleasure to work.

Go finds wide application from System Programming to Web Applications and lot of developers use it their everyday jobs. So, let's get going and learn one of the most popular programming language out there.

Current Status

I am currently recording and editing these videos, I expect to complete this course by end of Oct, 2022.

The course is available at a discount $25 till I complete it, then it would be available at the regular price $39.

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