Hi, my name is Anil Kulkarni and I am passionate about coding. I am a self learned programmer and enjoy my daily dose of coding. When I am not coding you can usually find me watching movies 🎬


I have done my Mechanical Engineering and then completed Masters In Marketing Management, I was always passionate about creating things, my last venture was making "Handmade Soaps" and while making e-commerce website for it, coding bug caught up with me and I have been learning programming ever since.

I am still a beginner and try to share whatever I learn. I am open to any new opportunities, you can checkout my profile at -



You can contact me on - anil.kulkarni [at] gmail com


As a beginner I really struggled to find the right sources for learning and ended up taking a lot of free and paid online courses, which finally ended up in confusion and frustration. So I decided to write a simple to understand, beginner oriented resources for learning how to program.